Do You Ever Feel "Behind" Everyone Else?

How often do you look at what everyone else is doing and just feel like you’re so ‘behind’? Like everyone else around you seems so much further along than you are. 

In the sake of being completely real with you, I feel this a lot. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we haven’t done, rather than recognizing what we actually have done. We tend to have so many goals we want to accomplish, that once we reach one, we’re already onto the next, with barely a breath in between. 

Firstly, this is very human. So go easy on yourself. It’s completely ‘normal’ to feel this way. However, it’s not a positive feeling, and in fact it can feel really draining and really tears apart our motivation and self belief.

What helps me overcome my 'compare-itis'? Truly taking the time to celebrate my accomplishments. This is easier said than done at the beginning. So if you’re not used to cheering yourself on, note that it does take a bit of effort to get used to it. 

But I’m here to tell you, it is 1000% worth it. 

Landed a cool gig? Celebrate it! Earned enough money to buy that new pair of shoes you had your eye on? celebrate it! Got some amazing press in a magazine? Celebrate it! Reached your income goals? Celebrate it! It really doesn’t matter how small you think the accomplishment is. If you’ve worked hard for something, and you’ve achieved it, you better celebrate the crap out of it! What’s the point putting in all that effort without taking a moment to recognize what you’re gaining by the effort you put in. It’s not silly or conceited to recognise the results from your hard work. In fact, it is necessary.

If you continue chasing goal after goal, you’ll get burned out, you’ll see other people achieving so many things and feel like you’re just not measuring up. However, if you really take the time to celebrate each tiny milestone along the way, you’ll feel so much more confident in yourself and so much more content in the path you’re on and the pace you’re progressing. When you know within yourself that you are also achieving great things, seeing someone else smash a bigger goal won’t tear you apart. It will help you look at others and genuinely think “good for them, I’m happy for them” without even a hint of resentment or self doubt in your own abilities.

⁣My other piece of advice is to find yourself some amazing people to spend time with. Those who are your cheerleaders. Being surrounded by people that are just as excited for you to be smashing your goals will really boost your self esteem within your business, and give you the ‘fight’ to keep going. Make sure you also cheer these people on. Support should ALWAYS be a 2-way street.

There will always be people ahead of you, who have achieved what you dream to achieve. But there will also be people looking at you and wishing they had done even half of what you have done. The trick is to change your mindset. Instead of feeling discouraged, feel inspired. Be thankful you have someone in front of you who is doing what you want to be doing. Learn from them. Find ways to also get yourself to the level they are. There is absolutely nothing in this world you cannot achieve, and learning from what others ahead of you have done is a huge key to getting there sooner.

Don’t be a “WHY ISN’T THAT ME” woman.


You ARE enough. If you’re working smart, and working hard, then you are absolutely on the right path, at the right pace for you. If you feel you’re not progressing at the pace you want to be, that’s ok. Take a step back from what you’re doing and objectively analyse yourself. Are you spending enough time doing what you need to be doing to grow your business? Or are you watching a lot of Netflix and hoping for the work to land in your lap? If its the latter, then it’s time to really assess if this is your passion. If it is - then what are you waiting for? Netflix ain’t going anywhere. You can watch it later. What you need to do right now is work out your plan of attack and get to work on your dream life. It’s never too late to go after what you dream of.

There are so many opportunities right now, and changing your mindset to look to others for inspiration and advice, rather than reasons to discredit yourself will make you really recognize just how much you are accomplishing. 

Keep Smashing goals my friend, and celebrate every time you do. 

Much Love & Success, 

Jennifer xxx