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Hello, I'm Jennifer Elis. I'm a Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator & Mentor.

I teach entrepreneurs all over the world to build their business and to create higher levels of success for themselves.

For many years, I've been requested to launch hands on, makeup artistry training for artists of all levels. Well, you asked, and I've listened. 
I absolutely love mentoring and developing the skills of makeup artists, and I have now agreed to create a structured, complete course to take you from whatever level you are at, and expand your knowledge and advance your skills to reach all new heights in your career. 

My goal is to deliver outstanding artists into the world. Artists who are passionate, hard working and dedicated to their craft. I don't want people who are lazy, or non-committal to their goals. But if you are serious, then I would LOVE to invest my time in you and share the skills you need to excel. 

So if you are passionate about Makeup Artistry and want to have successful and profitable career with such an amazingly rewarding role, then please submit your interest in my course so I can alert you with updates as I have them. 

Much Love & Success, 

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Yes I currently have an online business branding course AVAILABLIE RIGHT NOW! No waiting -  that will teach you how to stand out from your competition, to attract the right clients, book them and keep them coming back. It also includes a large segment on Instagram, the rumours, hashtag strategies, that darn algorithm and how to excel with building your presence online. 
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or DM me for info  on MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE 

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