Elevated Business Branding Online Course

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Elevated Business Branding Online Course

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Are you at the level of success you want to be? Is your business growing at the rate you always dreamed of, or do you feel stuck and not sure of your next step? If you're not at the level you desire, what have you done to fix this?  You are probably running through the several steps you have taken in your head but then, they haven't worked. This is very common, and simply because you haven’t taken the right steps yet. To get straight to the point, you need a branding course by a professional that touches on all aspects of building your successful brand. 

This course is the missing piece of the puzzle to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in your career. Why?  you may ask. Because nothing beats experience. I have developed this course to give you everything you need to build your successful brand.   As a successful business owner with a much-diversified portfolio, I don’t want to keep this success to myself; I want to share it with you, so that you too can enjoy the success of doing what you love, PROFITABLY. 

Having been in business mentoring for many years, I have helped business owners to take the steps they would otherwise have ignored and steered them on the path to becoming even more than they dreamed of.  

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and as an entrepreneur looking to push your business to the top, you should first be ready to take the chances you are given. It is time to elevate your brand. 

I have carefully put together this course in a very easy to follow format, with accurate information you can't just find on google. The course covers in depth:

  • Designing Your Values

  • Creating a Vision for your Business

  • Creating a Mission Statement for your Business

  • Marrying your brand to your mission (so you actually reach your goals). 

  • Colour Theory and Colour Psychology and what this means for your Brand.

  • Become an Instagram Mastermind

  • Learn How to Find Your Ideal Clients

  • Learn How to Actually Book Clients

  • Learn Who Your Competition Really is. 

  • Learn Customer Retention Strategies to keep them coming back again & again.

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or already been in business for some years, this branding course will serve to change your outlook and approach to business. The course focuses on the major strategies you need to know you need to know to have a firm grasp on who you are as a business, how you need to present that to your potential market, how to find your clients and then how to actually keep them glued to you. 

If you're ready for your business to be profitable, then it's time to enrol and make it happen.

About the instructor

Jennifer Ellis is an award-winning entrepreneur, digital brand strategist, social media strategist and founder of Jennifer Ellis Academy, which offers signature online services for entrepreneurs who are serious about their business. Jennifer teaches entrepreneurs how to establish themselves as the leader in their market. 

Her years of experience running her multiple successful businesses, learning exactly what works and what doesn’t, allows her to offer you creative solutions to the roadblocks you are facing, steering you in the direction of success. Jennifer thrives on the success of her student’s that put her advice into action and achieve great results. 

If you'd like to discuss payment plans for this course, then send Jennifer an email. 

You can follow Jennifer on Instagram @TheJenniferEllis


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